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The Daneline Trustees

Sue and Lissi have been owners of Great Danes for over forty years; they have been rescuing and rehoming Great Danes throughout the UK since 1968.

On we re-launched as a registered charity, Daneline International Charitable Foundation, registered number 1159035. Click here to meet the team!

Daneline uses 'foster' homes all over the UK instead of kennels while we find the right homes for the dogs. The 'foster parents' provide local help and advice throughout the adoption as well as providing a vital link in the aftercare service.

All Danes gifted into Daneline Great Dane Rescue are assessed in an approved and fully supported foster home, NOT in kennels. Every Dane is taken to a vet within a few days to have a comprehensive health check, i.e. heart, eyes, ears, teeth, legs, hips, anal glands and weighed. The Dane is then wormed, flead and vaccinated. Our Danes are weighed weekly to enable us to monitor their progress.

All necessary operations are done as a matter of course. The Danes leave us with a new collar and lead, vaccination card, health history, five days food, a comprehensive information pack and a contract which also details all we have done and any other relevant behavioural support if required. During the time a Great Dane is in our care we assess their temperament and any behavioural problems or training that needs to be addressed, i.e. recall and behaviour on and off lead, socialization with other dogs, children, visitors and livestock, separation anxiety, possessive behaviour or aggression over food and toys and any other quirks, likes or dislikes. Lastly, and by no means least, their manners.

This comprehensive assessment enables us to match each Dane to its new home.

News Update

Thursday, 10 June 2021

(。♥‿♥。) Our Foster Carer TOM is fundraising for 3 very worthy Charities by running 3245k [Phew] The Charities are DANELINE, INTERATIONAL, ALZHEIMERS SOCIETY and MIND. (。♥‿♥。) xxx

6 Friends, 12 Legs, 12 Lungs, 6 Hearts .... One Goal! Running the equivalent distance of Preston to Moscow..... Only 3245km. This works out at 10.42km each per week for a whole year - 540k each!. There is a mixture of running enthusiasts, those who are interested and then those who are very reluctant runners. This really is a test of teamwork and endurance.

We are all conscious that all charities have fallen on unprecedented hard times due to the Coronavirus pandemic. With charity shops closed, events cancelled and most of their usual fundraising routes, closed off. As a team we have chosen to cover 3 charities across human wellbeing as well as animal welfare. The charities we are running for really are close to the team's hearts.

Firstly the Alzheimer's Society. Alzheimer's has affected the majority of the 6 man team at some stage in their lives via close family members. These family members were well known by the whole team from very early ages. Alzheimer's is a horrible disease and the work that the Alzheimer's Society does is imperative. They provide help and support directly to those affected and aid with the care and comfort of the individual. https://www.alzheimers.org.uk/

The second Charity is Daneline International. As all 6 members of the team are dog lovers and one also volunteers as a foster family for Daneline (9 fostered dogs in the last 12 months) this is also a charity close to the team. Daneline provide rescue, rehoming, training and medical care to any Great Dane that comes into their care. This does include sizeable vet bills for dogs that have been handed in hours earlier. They care for puppies to dogs with behavioural issues, right the way through to end of life care. The dog always comes first and Daneline are thorough in ensuring the dog is matched to the perfect new home. https://www.daneline.co.uk/

Our third Charity is Mind. Mind provide advice and support to empower those suffering with a mental health problem. They work hard to campaign for resources and raise awareness ad understanding of mental health. https://www.mind.org.uk Please support us in this endurance challenge and more importantly please help these 3 wonderful charities. The world is in desperate need of teamwork and charity. Please help us to reach our goal. http://uk.virginmoneygiving.com/fundraiser-display/showROFundraiserPage?userUrl=TomReece&pageUrl=1

Daneline foster carer Tom is running 3245Kmw for charity

Rescue Story: The Famous Five

The Famous Five

Daneline International aims to help Great Danes all over the world. Most of the time, we try to rehome Danes that come to our attention in need, and rehome in the country of origin.

Daneline took into consideration the many uncertainties of leaving the EU in October and on this occasion, after taking into account the many issues, we decided to bring all five into the U.K to rehome. The original owners tried to find them homes, but to no avail, plus another rescue centre had also tried. We had to act quickly and take full responsibility, which we did.

Three of the Danes have huge health issues, plus they are almost feral. They need one to one care and time spent to introduce them to house training, lead work, general socialisation and getting used to the big outside world. This is going to take time... The welfare of these dogs is our top priority. (READ MORE)

Lissi de Figueiredo receiving the Lord Erskine Award

Lord Erskine Award

In 2009 Lissi received the RSPCA’s top award for work against animal cruelty. The citation reads, “For her outstanding contribution to the welfare of Great Danes and other animals over many years”.

Read more about Lord Erskine and the progress towards Animal Rights for which this award is given.