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The Process

After receiving your email / phone call, within 24 hours we will make contact. Please check your phone for any messages or texts. Someone from Daneline will first of all have a chat and ask lots of questions about you and your family, before going onto the next stage of sending someone out to visit you. Equally important is for you to ask us lots of questions, especially at the time when we have identified which dog we feel might suit you the best.

Ideas of questions to ask us:

  • How long have you had the dog in your care?
  • Are there any health issues?
  • Has the dog been to the vets?
  • Is the dog up to date with vaccination, worm and flea treatment?
  • How much does the dog weigh?
  • What exactly have you done to properly assess the dog?

Daneline will then put you in touch with the foster carer, for you to ask even more questions about the dog. This is not necessarily a quick process and at times might seem to be rather invasive and personal. Daneline would be failing in their duty of care, especially with the new amendments in 2014 to the Dangerous Dog Act, if we did not take the time. We never turn down a good home that meets our requirements for you or the dog. Safety is something we take very seriously.

Do ring to talk ideas over with us, we are more than happy to spend some time chatting. Nothing is written in stone, so do pick up the phone. Call Lissi on 0117 972 3343 or Sue on 01823 330 591.

A few considerations before taking on a Great Dane:

  • Do you have 5/6ft high fencing?
  • Are you at work for more than 4 hours each day? Daneline will not re-home young Danes where they are going to be left alone for more than 4 hours IN TOTAL on any one day.
  • Are your existing dogs neutered? Daneline will not rehome Danes where the existing dogs have not been neutered.
  • Have you considered what arrangements you will make for the dog when you go away on holiday?

We run training and behavioural modification classes throughout the year to anyone who is experiencing any problems with a Great Dane. These classes are free and run by highly experienced, skilled professionals; our aim is to support both dog and owner in their current environment thus preventing owners having to part with their dogs unnecessarily.

Daneline is on call 24 hours a day for emergencies.
For routine calls, we would appreciate contact to be restricted to between 8am and 8pm.

To contact Daneline either use our contact form on the right, or call one of the numbers below:

If you are not available when we call and you have an answering machine or voice mail, we will leave a message for you. Please be sure to check for it!

We are always pleased to receive pictures or short movies of rescued Great Danes in JPG/JPEG format or short articles for publication in TXT, RTF, RTFD, DOC or DOCX format. Please send your file (maximum 2MB in size) as an email attachment using the form on the right, with a short description and permission to publish them.

If sending more than one file, please email them directly to, but no more than four photos per email, please.

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