Rainbow bridge



5 years ago you gave us the best gift we would have asked for. We have been Great Dane lovers for over 40years and they have always occupied our home, after the emotional death of our first Dane in 1999, we waited almost 17 years before getting a new one, we would always resuce as so many lovely Danes need a forever home.

Around March 1st 2012 you gave us the best gift ever, Bridget.

Bridget was so loving and brought joy to us daily, she was kind, protective & always on hand to lend a shoulder to cry on, she had lots of fellow canine friends, as well as so many adoring human ones and after a while we rescued her a fellow Dane.

She was the light in my life and a true best friend, for me (Annie, 23) she was the first dog I knew & a true saviour to me in my saddest and darkest times.

Bridget didn't have the best start to life when you rescued her, but when she came to us she ruled the roost and had anything she wanted, she was treated like a princess and with the respect that she deserved, for being such a fascinating creature. She enjoyed meals of chicken and rice, strolling along the beach, playing in her large garden, going for walks, sunbathing, sleeping on the sofa with her head on the pillow and always protected her pack. She was so brave.

I would like to thank the staff at Daneline for sending her to us all those years ago and for not giving up on her and for Cheryl for fostering her before she came to her forever home and for also giving her donkey teddy, which now sits proudly on display in my room.

You brought me the greatest gift and she will forever live in my heart.

It is with a heavy heart that at after having a splenectomy to remove a mass they found in her spleen, she came home for her final rest, and at 06:02am this morning, Wednesday 1st Febuary 2017, that sadly my princess lots her fight and crossed the rainbow bridge peacefully in her sleep, surrounded by her family.

Causing mischief with her brother, always smiling.

Resting on her favourite sofa.

Standing proud.

Her favourite spot in the sun.

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