Rainbow bridge


When Charlie came into our life, we made him a strong, healthy dog. Due to his unfortunate past, it took time for him to recover and find his confidence.

We always gave him all the unconditional love and attention he deserved. I remember him being so happy and bubbly. He used to bounce around in the garden, and never stop sleeping on the couch! Then, one day it hit us.

After, his life became much brighter and alive. Inside, he slowly started to deteriorate. The worst feeling is that we couldn't do anything to make him smile and rebuild his strength again.

I can not express how incredibly difficult I was to watch him weaken every day. We were heartbroken. He was fading away... Then, it was too late. The only way of making him feel comfortable again and to take away his mental stress, was by letting him go. That's what we did. We stopped him from suffering. Now, he is sleeping peacefully, like the beautiful baby he was.

Charlie, you will always be in our hearts. Forever missed, baby boy.

RIP. Our love for you was indescribable. Xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx


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