Rainbow bridge


On the 22nd of August 2011 our world fell to pieces as we lost our beloved Roxy. Born on the 10th October 2003 she was so nearly eight years of age. A very affectionate, super intelligent guardian and companion and our first Great Dane. Her skills were endless ranging from releasing a spring lamb unharmed, from the jaws of a fox, tracking and locating injured or sick cattle and sheep to even catching a flying Blue Tit in her mouth and releasing it to fly away unharmed. She loved young children, and was always there to give you a “present” on your return home. Roxy had been diagnosed with ‘DCM’ some 5 years ago but had fought it all the way. Until, in the end even she could do no more...

God Bless you Roxy, our wonderful friend and companion, you will have a secure place in our hearts forever!

All our love,
Dave and Margaret (East Cornwall).

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