Rainbow bridge


Fell Asleep 22nd Nov 2010

It has taken me nearly a year to write this as we are both still finding it hard to deal with the fact that you are no longer here, with us. I can never forget the time when I called Lissi to see if she had any news for us. She said that she had been trying to get hold of me for a couple of days and that she had found me a Dane. She described you as a bit overweight, a wee bit scruffy but very gentle. As I was speaking to her on the phone she shouted ‘Oi Loki, stop wiping your face on my plants. Guess who I’m talking to… your new daddy’. It was a sign of things to come with you!!! It was a Monday so we made arrangements to pick you up on Thursday and said goodbye to Lissi. When I told mummy that you was waiting for us she couldn’t wait and got me to call Lissi back and tell her we would be up for you the next day.

On arriving in Bristol we were greeted by 3 large Danes at the door. You, Ed and another. You took one quick look to see what going on then went back inside and sat on the floor with your back to us.

After we signed all the papers for you, Lissi led you out to the car and gave you a cuddle and told you to be a good boy, something that you never stopped being all the time you was with us. The 1st night you spent at home with us was one we shall never forget. We made your bed up downstairs and covered you up with a huge duvet to keep you warm. About 3 o’clock in the morning daddy was woken up by an almighty crashing sound as you charged upstairs and appeared at the foot of our bed. Daddy then went and got you mattress and duvet from downstairs and covered you up… The next morning we discovered that, albeit you got upstairs, you had no idea how to walk down them and daddy ended up carrying you down!!!!

This was just one of the many many things that you did to put a smile on our faces… You were, and will always be mummy’s bestest biggest, bravest boy in the entire world. For 5 years daddy sat on the floor just so that you could sit on the sofa with your mummy. You never had a wrong bark for anybody and you loved to meet people… Your coat became all shiny and you were so so proud of yourself all the time. Even Nanny Janet, (mummy’s mum), loved you to death and she didn’t like dogs at all. Papa, mummy’s daddy loved you as well, he would have walked you to the ends of the earth if you asked him to. There will never be anybody that can fill the space that you have left in our hearts and we miss you so so badly. Even now, almost a year on, daddy still cries about you when he’s walking Ellie on his own. It’s not the same without you here and Ellie misses you too. You should be proud of the happiness you gave to us and that you truly are a Great Dane.

I hope that Nana Jean (daddy’s mummy) is giving you all your walks at the Rainbow Bridge and I know that, one day both mummy and daddy will see you again. So until then boy, sleep peacefully but keep one ear open so you can hear mummy call ‘where’s my baby boy’.

All our love,
Mummy and Daddy


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