Rainbow bridge


Gunnar... my beautiful big 'old blue eyes' passed away 5th November 2012.

Gone to Rainbow Bridge, although I worried you wouldn't know anyone up there and even thought of coming up with you... but you know grand-daughter Lilith needs her Nannar so cannot come just yet. I think you would have made so many friends with your gorgeous gentle nature. I hope you don't forget me, I will meet you one day and we'll be reunited again.

Got your collar in your space at the side of my bed. I kiss your photo every morning, cremated you at a private doggy crem and have your ashes with me. I hope you look down on me and see that. I hope you're not too sad, play with the other danes and our other dogs we have loved and lost.

No disrespect to you, but we now have a puppy... a little brindle whippet, whom you would have so loved and welcomed. She is a right livewire, you would have let her bite your ears like you did with our cats. Got your lead and dogmatic hanging up still... filling your water bowl up for Jess and no slobber in it... Oh I so now wish there was.

Be brave my gorgeous boy. I am sorry we had to let you go, please forgive me, I do feel tremendous guilt but enjoy the bridge baby boy, we will meet again.

Love u more than words can say,


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