Rainbow bridge


Trinney 2005-2011

You came into our lives one cold January day, a small timid little six month old puppy.

Your first six months were filled with you being past from pillar to post by people who didn’t want you. (How could anyone not love you?).

It was love at first site for me and your mam, we took you home and introduced you to your new family Megs & Nieve. You instantly took to us, and gave us so much love & companionship it was unbelievable.

It has been said that you may come across a dog in a million which touches your heart, but it can be truly said Trinney you really made a difference to us all.

You have left a huge void in our lives, one of which we are still trying to come to terms with.

Your illness was so sudden, we are still trying to come to terms with Trinney. We all hope that you are now in peace and free from pain.

One day Trin, we will meet again, but for the meantime rest in peace and take care, for you will always be in our hearts now and forever.

All our Love now & Forever,
Stuart, Lisa, Meghan & Nieve.

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